A Student’s Perspective

By: Elise Romas

Leah Heinzelmann is a senior majoring in music and architecture at UW-Madison. Although she will be graduating spring of 2015, Heinzelmann looks forward to her future not only in seeing the finished product of the new Hamel Music Center for future students, but also for carrying what she’s learned in college out with her into the world.

Leah Heinzelmann Photo courtesy of Facebook
Leah Heinzelmann
Photo courtesy of Facebook

Heinzelmann has already shared her musical talents through numerous performances on her oboe during her four years of undergrad and now seeks to further engage with her passions of music performance and landscape architecture after she acquires her college degree.

“I hope to still have connections as an alumni with Wisconsin after I leave and make an effort to be a part of the school still, especially the music school. I find it very beneficial, but I hope to go out and create a better area for people in general and express my knowledge in both landscape and music.” –Leah Heinzelmann, Music Performance and Landscape Architecture major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.