Changing of the guard at WID

By: Kelsea Kierstead

In December of 2014, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Director David Krakauer for announced his resign from the WID after he spent three years building the university research institute’s multidisciplinary culture.

Krakauer will leave for the Santa Fe Institute in August. Without knowing who will take his place, Communications and Event Manager Noland Lendved is confident in the future direction of the institute.

“I think we have a clear direction and mission right now, but that new director might have a vision of his or her own that he or she may want to implement,” he said.

As director, Krakauer hand-selected Discovery Fellows and created the eight themes, or departments.

“He had a vision where culture was going to be an important part of WID,” Lendved said. “I think it has become a really important part, and I think it will continue to be that way.”

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