Purple Day

By Erin O’Brien

Every year on March 26, people around the world show their support and raise awareness for epilepsy by wearing purple. The Purple Day campaign began in 2009 when Cassidy Megan created the idea to begin a conversation about people’s struggles with epilepsy. The Anita Kaufmann Foundation and Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia joined forces to help Megan spread the word about her campaign.

This tradition has found its way to Madison where Lily’s Fund has made a continuing effort to spread awareness about epilepsy throughout the community. Since 2010, Lily’s Fund has joined the Purple Day campaign and created many partnerships throughout the community who perpetuate epilepsy awareness to their clients, members, viewers and students.

The end goal of the Purple Day campaign is to raise awareness, which will in turn increase funding that goes to epilepsy research to hopefully bring about treatments and a cure for the disease.