Scott Kloehn’s Nature Past

By Dan Corcoran

Kloehn hasn’t always been on Mother Nature’s good side.

Before he went into teaching in 2002, Kloehn worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service after graduating from UW-Madison. His job duties included damming water to make waterfall habitat for the fish in the Little Missouri River.

But Kloehn began to realize that, although he was doing his job, he was also doing something he didn’t agree with.

“I said to myself, ‘I’m not really making any difference here. And in fact I’m actually helping contribute to making this planet not as ecologically diverse and causing stress on the Little Missouri River, so I was like I can’t do this,’” Kloehn said.

And so Kloehn went down another path in the direction of teaching.

He’s though about perhaps going to get a PhD in the science field, but for now he enjoys where he’s at.

“I love working with the kids,” Kloehn said. “If it weren’t for working with the kids, I would most definitely consider a different career. I really do feel like this is where I’m best in the world.”