UW Chemistry Building Condition

by Briana Reilly

One of UW Communication’s most notable projects over the semester, according to UW Communications Executive Director John Lucas, is a video showing the state of the labs, which, Lucas said, for a top-notch research university are not up to par.

Photo by Briana Reilly. The UW-Madison chemistry building is in need of great repair, according to UW-Madison Chemistry Department Chair and Professor Robert McMahon, who is working to mobilize state residents and alumni to support the building restoration project.

To rectify this problem, UW-Madison Chemistry Department Chair and Professor Robert McMahon is helping to promote a new chemistry building project, a feat that would cost $107.8 million and work by the UW System to ensure guaranteed funding from the State Building Commission.

McMahon’s efforts are necessary now because although in March 2013, the governor’s office fostered the expectation that the State Building Commission would fund the project in the capital budget for 2015-17.

But in March 2015, the State Building Commission’s capital budget did not include funding for a restored chemistry building. While the Joint Finance Committee has an opportunity to include the project in the budget during its hearings in the next few weeks, McMahon has stressed the importance of alumni and state residents speaking with their representatives through individual presentations and UW Communications.

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