UW’s Position on the Cuts

Throughout the process of discussing the cuts, UW-Madison Chancellor Becky Blank has been outspoken about the need to reduce the amount of the cuts. While she has discussed that need, her office is not committed to giving out a number.

“We aren’t really in position to talk about dollar amounts. I think the chancellor has made very clear that the proposed cut in its current form is very significant. It’s a historic cut in a lot of ways its proposed,” content strategist for University Communications Sandra Knisely said. “We’re still looking to make it clear to people that that’s going to have an effect if it goes through as proposed.”

The chancellor’s office says that they are trying to not turn this into a political issue, but they feel that they should have a renewed interest in promoting the Wisconsin Idea to show the state just how much they do for the state, and how much the state can benefit from lower cuts.